3 things to consider when choosing your venue

How do you choose your venue?

Is it based on it’s size, the cost, or the location? We have had our share of venues over the years and wanted to share three key factors when choosing your venue.

Kualoa Ranch Paliku Gardens Wedding

Kualoa Ranch Paliku Gardens Wedding

Reeds Island Hilo Wedding

Reeds Island Hilo Wedding

  1. The size.

    Some venues require a minimum number of guests, while most require a maximum. It is important to consider the size of your venue before booking it. For instance, if you’re only going to have 50 guests and the minimum is 100, then you will have to pay for the extra 50 (just for the location itself). Also, we are just saying this for advice ahead of time, it may be best if you don’t try to fit your 250 guests in an area meant for 150…

  2. The cost.

    Typically a venue can range anywhere from $500 to $15,000+ depending on a variety of factors. This includes the location itself, overnight accommodations, and strictly enforced utilization of in-house services. Make sure you know what you really need before what you really want. You may be paying for more than you initially thought if you’re not careful with the fine print. There are various places that charge extra fees for things that you may not even need. Most times, you won’t even take notice of these things. I’m talking about something as simple as a trash can that would be placed in the corner of the room and not utilized at all (this trash can could cost you $20). Or you could find a venue to be very reasonable but there could be a catch. The venue cost could be really low but it may not come with anything other than the location itself. This could be beneficial though if you wanted to completely customize it.

  3. The location.

    Are you an outdoors type of person or do you prefer an air conditioned ballroom? Stick to your gut. You truly know what you want. Location could mean everything. How easy will it be to get there for not only you but your guests who are both in and out of town as well? You don’t want to travel hours at a time to get from your getting ready location to the ceremony and then again to the reception. This may seem like a careless mistake but it is often made when the couple is just thinking about the beauty of the location rather than logistics.

We have so many beautiful venues both indoor and outdoor here in Hawaii! The possibilities are endless. Let us help you find the perfect venue.

If you need any assistance in finding a venue don't hesitate to ask. Feel free to leave your questions in the comment section below :)

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