February 25th, 2016. It was the day of the Eddie surf competition and my boyfriend of two and a half years wanted to go and check it out. We drove up pupukea and walked out to the Ehukai pill boxes. It was packed but we still managed to get a good spot. We watched for a bit, grabbed an acai bowl (of course) and headed back home. When we got back he started to act a bit strange and I was asking him what his deal was. I remember just sitting on the chair minding my own business when he came and sat on the armrest. He kept fiddling and eventually asked me to help him look around for nothing that made sense. Literally, he asked me to help him look for “something” and then he started having me look under the cushions and all. I told him to “get out of here and leave me alone, you’re being so crazy right now” and then it happened. As I was looking on the side of the chair he sat back down on the armrest and had a ring box in his hand. I was like, “really? No…are you sure?” not that he shouldn’t have been sure but because I was so shocked. Then of course after I snapped out of it, I said YES!


Let’s take it back to a couple of months prior…in September, he took me to meet his family in Chicago and we went to not only look at rings but we ended up getting one too. I was sure that he was going to ask me on that trip. But no. Next we went to the redwoods for Christmas and it was so beautiful! Prior to this he told me that he always pictured himself asking me somewhere like the redwoods. So boom! We went to the redwoods and took tons of photos, but he didn’t get down on one knee. 

Next, it was new years and we were up in the mountains in another beautiful place. But again, nothing. At this point I asked him if he even brought the ring and he said no. So I figured maybe he was waiting for my birthday because everyone gets engaged on holidays and he’s not one to follow trends. Fast forward to my birthday, the beginning of February. He took me out to a nice dinner but there was no popping of the question I’ve been waiting for. I was actually sad! Valentine’s day was right around the corner and I knew it had to be then or never at all. I was nervous! Valentine's Day came around but it didn’t happen. I was so over it at this point, not mad, just over it. 


So after all of this, two weeks later he asks me while sitting on the armrest of a chair and I couldn’t have imagined it any other way! It was so perfect. He told me that he had this big plan to ask me at the actual Eddie competition in front of everyone! I honestly probably would’ve freaked out because we are talking about being in front of thousands of people. Of course I would’ve said yes, but he knows me well and knew that it would’ve been crazy. Anyways, this is just a recap of my engagement story. All of ours are unique so feel free to share yours with us! 

Photos by Taylor Nebrija